How MANJE u can be???


J u s t want to share sumthing here. I had a nightmare yesterday. How bad was it? Can you imagine you wake up in the morning crying without really remember what is happening actually? OMG so weirddddddddo. (da la that night i went to bed at 10, but then at 12 my mate still terbukak sebesar yg termampu? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????)

And then i realized how MANJE i am. Since i tros call my mom n crying. (and then my mother can't really hear what am i saying, and u know what, o repeat the word "mimpi" for millions and millions time? (hyperbola?? sort of)LOL).

What's on earth? Ok, i am a ANAK MANJE...

MOral of the story???

>>>> Call ur parent always la. Since they are missing u right now. HAih -.-''

Haaa 1 more. I just got this thing la.. An Mp4 i think (i don't know la, rase mP4 kot. ZUNE. Jom Bluetooth....hahahahhahaa.


Sweet Dream, and selamat pagi...


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