teddies don't hug back, but sometimes they're all you've got. 

a broken heart is like a broken mirror. it is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it.

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Don't give Up!

This song is sooo comel and memberi semangat. Haip. Lagi DUA. ganbatte! 

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no title

I've been sleeping with you for a while now..
but why i still can't understand you?
why is it i still can't remember what did you like?
why is it i still can't solve your every single problem?
I guess physical contact is just not enough.
I know i need to open you,
explore every single part of you..
Understand what is your reaction when something happen to you..
when you collide with something..
what is your strength, and weakness..

All these while,
I've been looking at you..
I know it won't work..
Looking around without actually put my heart into it will not working,
i knew..
I've been through it..
what can i do..
every time i tried my best to understand you,..
i became bored of your dull personality..
of your monotone speech..
of your long unstoppable speech..
if only you can make everything more cheerful..
if only you can change your monotone to something that can make me glad..

haih what to do.
i knew it is not your fault but i keep blaming you on..
it's my fault..
forgive me..

luahan hati kepada buku teks orgo..

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Basketball game.

Ahad, pegi tgk basket ngan sharifah (my rum8).

Best. Mantap ar vandy. Memule cam nak kalah aje, lpas second half kejar balik. Pastu menang. 
Score = 85:76
Vandy lawan ngan Belmont. Mantap gak ar Belmont ni, sbb dorg nyer 3 points shooter mmg sekali dpt bola, mmg masuk ar! Nice game. Here some pics.


men jujur2. jgn gado2 eh :D

this pic? i guess abg kameraman ni menarik hati kot ?

Belmont player wearing black jersey
Mascot taking pictures with audience. Mascot ni peramah terlebih. kurang kasih sayang rasenye. ske hati aje main kepale org, haih =.=''
audience not only normal people, tp ade jugak stu geng oku ni. walaupon begitu, mereka memberi sokongan padu. mantap. n kiut too. rase nak ngorat aje mamat oku ni. COMEL!

every game mesti la ade ni kan ? cheerleaders..

bendera vandy dikibarkan. game dkt u sndr  mmg mantap! dgn music segala. nice

tak puas hati, minah ni sebijik cam mke fiza. eh fiza, bile ko masuk bende2 cenggini ? hehehe joking. no offense. :D

this one, sorakan2 ? something like that la. waktu break a few minutes. 
That's all. my first game watched was awesome. hope can watch some more later. kih3. 

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