Stand By U

Ni lagu dbsk yg bole kate fevret gak ar. :D

Stand by U

JJ: Kimi ga sayonara wo tsugezuni dete itta ano hi kara
Kono machi no keshiki ya midori ga kawatta ki ga suru yo
YH: Kimi no subete ni naritai to kawashita yakusoku mo
Hatasarenai mama omoide ni kawatte shimau
CM: Hitori kiri de kimi ga naita ano toki
Sugu ni tonde ikeba ima mo mada kimi wa boku no yoko ni ite kureta
YC: Dekiru naraba mou ichido iitakatta daisuki tte
Kimi he no omoi wo afure dashita kotoba wa mou ima wa todokana
JJ: Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite? Donna fuku o kite? Nani shite waratterun darou?
JS: Boku wa koko ni ite. Ima mo koko ni ite. Kimi to futari de mata aeru to shinjiteiru yo
YH: Kawarazu omotte iru yo
YC: Kimi dake omotteiru yo
YH: Musun da kami no ushirosugata ni kimi o kasanete furikaeru […] dare ka ni […] shita
CM: Chakushin ga atta kimi no namae kitai shitari
Kakkowarui mainichi bakari sugite iku yo
JJ: Wasurerarenai […] Hontou wa wasuretakunai dake […] nai
JS: Kimi ga inakya nani ni mo kanjinai shiawase tte
Dou ganbatte mite mo koboreochita namida wa sugu ni tomaranai
YC: Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite? Donna fuku wo kite? Nani shite waratterun darou?
JJ: Boku wa koko ni ite. Ima mo koko ni ite. Kimi to futari de mata aeru to shinjiteiru yo
YH: [...] Ima koushite boku wa mata hitori kiri de [...] n deru
CM: Kore ijou setsunasa wo dakishimete ikeru wake nado nai yo
Demo sore shika nai n dayo
JJ: Kimi ga iru dake de kagayaite mieta ano koro wa nido to modotte wa konai kedo
JS: Nani ga okotte mo nani wo ushinatte mo kimi wo aishita koto kesshite wasuretakunai
YC: Kimi ga doko ni ite, dare to doko ni ite, donna yume wo mite, nani shite waratteite mo
JJ: Zutto koko ni ite, ima mo koko ni ite, kimi to itsu no hi ni ka aeru to shinjiteiru yo
YH: Kawarazu omotteiru yo
YC: Kimi dake omotteiru yo
JS: Kawarazu omotteiru yo
JJ: Kimi dake omotteiru yo

Stand by U
The day you left without the words of leaving
This road’s scenery and scent seems as if it was changed
The promises we exchanged because I want to be your everything
It was never kept and changes into memories
That time when you were crying alone, if I ran straight to you
Would you still have been by my side?
If I could, I want to say it one more time, that I really like you
My heart’s desire for you and my words can’t reach you anymore
I wonder where and who you are with
What clothes you are wearing, and what you would be laughing about
I’m here and still here
believing that both of you will meet again
I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you
When you bring me to my mind of your back side with your hair tied
I misunderstood that person over and over again, who looked back
Everytime my phone rang I prayed that it was your name
and lived liked that each day like a wretch
I said I’d forget you but that was a lie, the truth was I simply didnt want to forget you
If behaving as if I didn’t care was me, I don’t need that anymore
A happiness that couldn’t be felt when you’re not here
No matter how I try I can’t easily stop the tears flowing
I wonder where and who you are with
What clothes you are wearing, and what you would be laughing about
I’m here and still here
believing that both of you will meet again
That’s why I’m calling your name by myself
I don’t think I can accept this mournful heart
But there’s no way’s anymore besides that way
You shined even when you were just here
But those times will never come back again
Even if there is a problem, even if I lose something
I never want to forget that I loved you
I wonder where and who you are with
What clothes you are wearing, and what you would be laughing about
I’m here and still here
believing that both of you will meet again
I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you
I was thinking without change
Thinking only about you

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A musician is oweyz KIUT!

Haa, lgu yg hari2 kena dgr dan karaoke, bak kate Amy -- si rum8 ku. Hohoho

Haaaa! Besh tak? Normally, i will not really like a new song, especially the one from not my favorite singer, but this is one different..

It's like, after i first hear the word, ~~wateria2,.. du du..
it was very catchy and then it's kind of fall in love at first hear? lol.
So tak paham maksud? here are the MV and also, the romanization and the meaning of the song.

Let's sing tugede gede. hik3.

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Spring Semester is here

Assalamualaikum and Hyee to evrybody..

So, spring is here heh?? Aaa it is just 5 months to go before i can actually go back to Malaysia for a month for summer vacation..

haha. lame lagi kot. So this semester i am taking 16 credit hours. And here is the snapshot of my schedule.

Hurm, tough subject.
Let's ganbatei! everybody.. Actually it has been 2 weeks since the semester start. And everyone is quite busy. And, i haven't start my ChBe 180 homework yet! I guess i will do it later this evening. Haha silly me.

Nothing much to share, just a few i think a few 'cute' pictures of me, amy and our American friends, Catherine when she actually stop by my room during Friday night. (Suddenly a song by Lily Allen -- Friday night pop out from my mind. Cute song indeed!...)

I guess i share the song first. heheheheh.

Owhhhhhhh, i thought a vid will pop out, how come? ah i am not really good huh? Klik aje la kt ctu if you guys wanna know this song, but this is really not the main point right?

Where are the pictures?? Okay there are here. Enjoy~

She keeps saying that her face look really oily, but that is not really the case, i think it is because of the light. hehehe. 
 I am always the shortest one, doesn't i? but it is okay. Someone say the shorter the cuter (act. i am who said that. hihihi :P)

Haaa! I forget the main point. She is actually trying my baju kurung.. and actually excited about it. I should find my korean friend picture when she came and trying my baju kebaya.. But i guess it is not there, the picture.. Maybe i try to find it..

So here is my roommate Amy, with Catherine.
Haa i really need to find other pic. I try..

YEeeeeaaaaahhh i found them, they actually inside my  hard drive. Fiuhh.

haha atlast i found them, i already upload them in facebook. Luckily.. hehehe
so here they are.

she actually put on the scarf too. hehe. ok she is pretty in my Kebaya. I admit that. But guess what? i Still FIT IN my baju kebaya ok? hehehe.

here is one more.

haha . i really should have more picture in my blog huh? it is pretty dull. Ok got to go. I want to update my other blog, Let's share a world. Take a look at it ok?

Sayonara~ Xiai jian~ Bubyee..

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Bila sudah ade periuk best~

Hohohohoho.. it's been in a while since i have so much fun cooking~ kyaaa~~

this all thanks to my suite mate, sarah.. bcoz of her periuk electric yg best, today i cooked something delicious again. hihihihi

so what is it today?? simple as the name -- bubur nasik --
hahaha. ok jom masak same? it was really easy. almaklumla org bujang~ hihi.

so let's start. the ingredients are...

beras, dry anchovies, and also carrot. (act bole aje bubuh other ingredient such as cabbage, egg, mushroom, ape2 pon boleh..)
so inilah rupenyer periuk yg berjasa..
cool huh? lol

act tak yah bubuh minyak pon ok aje.. cme, i act tak ske the periuk melekat2 when masak nnti. (tiah really tak bubuh minyak when she cook! cholesterol maa~
so panaskan minyak..lalalala
so masukkan lah ikan bilis.

so cook the anchovies thoroughly.. n, bcoz i cook inside my room instead of the kitchen, so the paper act to protect the carpet lorh.. :)
after that, add rice that has been rinsed 3 times. thanks Mira (for supplying the rice and also rinse it ^_^

kacau sesedap oren..

when u rase the nasik and the ikan bilis da sebati, add water.. then stir again~ and again~

haaa.. add the water banyak2. sbb i use byk beras td, so water need to be byk too laa kan? coz we are making the porridge ^_^

and then bia lame2. about 30 minutes will do.. so this time i went downstairs to actually put my laundry in the dryer.. hihihi...
and what the yellow orange things? haa~ the carrot la. bubuh those additional things afterward tau.. tgu the rice dah act "pecah" bak kate tiah. hahaha.. >.<
kalo takde mende ni tak sedap ah~ hahaha..

ok act. i put this thing last. suppose mmg last la. tp dah masak baru teringat kena bubuh dy.. soriiiii.. :D

dah shiappp~~ itadekimasu...

so result nye,
mira -- 3 kali tambah..
amy -- 3 kali gak..
aishah -- 1 kali? hahahaha..

ok ape kate try lg next time? easy right.. :P

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yahooooo!! one step closer to you..

Hahahaha.. Title cam tak leh blah right? so jgn kecewa sgt kalo post ni tak menarik hati langsung~~

I act one step closer to become a....


huh~ i never think about this lorgh.. act at that time, when i practice driving the van, whooaaa, it was really unbelievable easy! haha. but chungmal, i keep making mistakes laa..
i PASS my permit test..
fail for the first one! hahaha. when i recall that time, i kinda funny..
i act can't stop smiling, mybe grinning is a better word.
u really can't imagine me at that time.. hahaha. laughing like crazy person, like i just won a million bucks! but yet it was just passing a test! an easy one..

even though my tudung senget benget in this pic, i still want to put it here.. hahahahahhahahahahhahaha.. (gelak byk2 kali plis)
with this, i can drive without feeling guilty..

how come i can be this happy?? that's true what people said, the success you gain after you fail is more enjoyable...
cannot stop..
hahahaha. that's it.

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Yaaa! It is actually snowing outside~~

Alhamdulillah laa.. I thought i neva see snow again, but how can it be possible.. If i really put effort to think about last year winter, it was really during January.. hurm cool. i love snoww~~ lalalala. here some pic. Njoy..

it really nipis right?? hahaha..

haha. how come not my pic? omo! the two of them cannot really take a good pic act ( mira, amy jgn mare heh~ <3).. ye la. mane nak take a good pic kalo ur hand keep shivering like suck! hahaha. at least i manage to maintain my kekerasan n tangkap this pic right. ok where is this? after balik rec center. cool huh? :P

yay my peberet one!
all my suit mates act turun padang utk same2 merayakan snow yg sikit aje nih~ act sian kt my babe, sarah in the middle coz she a lil bit sick at that time. *cough3* for real. atlanta too tired huh??
but she had a great time there. lalalala~~

hope for more snowy snow for the next couple of days before the semester begin...

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Chungmal, I have a lot to say..

Chungmallll, i really have a lot to say.. about me myself, my surrounding, what happened around me, about the story i watched during the can-be-call-long-winter-break, even it was just 3 weeks. Hurm so i just want to spend the last one week of the holidays to update the blog and muntahkan everything here? how was that? and then tak yah update dah until the next long break again? hi hi hi :|

So nak write sumthing yg happen the latest la. ha ha ha. this is seems very funny indeed. Ok. The 5 of us, including 2 freshie, firdaus and daniel? think dat's right, person sit next to me or the-only-person-in-the-van-who-know-how-to-drive-well i guess, KA, and also there are Wany, a person who loves to read and Mira, my soon-to-be-a-top-singer?? and a current-most-fanatic-korean-boy-band-fan? i guess and also her position as 1 of my suit mates. That's quite a long introduction to the main character huh? he3. So what's up?

Nothing much. Just went to Walmart, KNS-an international market, and also to a kedai that sold the chicken yg halal nyer, n dah tak ingt the name of the market. But that all not the main point. At the very end of our shopping trip, (after sending the freshie and also wany) my perut was like amat berbunyi kuat of course becoz of the hunger. and it pretty cold outside but still, no snow. (omo, i can't really relate coldness and the lapar kan? whateva...

So KA ckp nak ajar driving, at first i was really reluctant to learn, of course bcoz it was secara haram since i don't hv my permit yet..(like pendatang tanpa izin right?..too bad, i took the test before but fail without belas kasihan. hahaa what the..??) So at the very end sbb KA yg pujuk, and Mira too pujuk2 sampai nak nangis2 kan (hehe over lak..), i pon accept the proposal and triplet of us pon went to the parking lot nearby the rec center. I am pretty sure i saw that place before, (this is the proof i went to rec quite often to maintain my kurusness mybe? ha ha ha..

So like Mira is also the learner from the Siiiiifud, (KA) so she drive first. I don't know where was the mistake, after i put my life in danger and sit at the driver seat, omo.. O_O there were 3 police cars surrounding me and they took their gun and shout, Yaaaa!!! stop right there.. haha dat's not the case..

I actually had drive for a few miles i guess inside the area of the parking lot. On the ground of my driving was suck ( i act gelabah gila when we were at the corner and they keep telling my way of stopping the car was worst-- sudden brake? like brek mengejut.. and also tekan minyak mengejut jugak.. ) KA took the driver place to show off some of his hard-earned-experience of driving.. and it was ok. i especially admire people with great skill of driving ( i mean org yg bawak laju2 and still the passengers still feel like the car is not moving, and also a little secret, i like to pusing the stereng.. hik3. look very awesome maa. act slalu kan in drama what-so-ever kalau want to show off the driving skill often shows how the actor act handle the stereng right?? waa so handsome even a girll~~ngaa gay nyee. hik3 peace!...

So after KA drive2 and teach some rule, i need to break slowly, also tekan minyak too, the thing is when KA brek mengejut i don't think it is considered brek mengejut coz cam tak ajeee :(
i don't know plak driving need to be that ayu. like wearing baju kurung and i need to walk politely, it gave me goosebumps (ape bajet tak ayuu niiii haha).. uhuk3.. So like drive aje laa. but then..

Suddenly gila, ade lampu kelip2 at the back. ah sudah. POLICE CAR maa. ok i was like cacing yg tgh sun bathing. At the very moment i act really hope i can change my seat with KA, let him seat there at the driver place and i can seat peacefully kat sebelah dy. but then cannot laa, since kat depan also ade one more kereta police. ok. naseb bek tak amat gelabah. then there was one of the police get out from the car, i want to get out from the car too, but KA insist i just need to open the window...

waaa, such a valuable? experience huh. but guys remember, the next time you guys kena tahan dek polis in America, don't step out from ur car. Just sit still and take a deep breath in.. and answer what he or she might ask. KA said it give them (the police) the feeling of insecurity if we act. get out from the car.

Thanks god nothing bad happen. After having a 3 minutes coffee break with the police, we are, no! i mean, i.. am not guilty...(thanks the police coz she act. did not ask about the permit hik3) but act guilty gak la takde permit tp belaja drive.. tapi alhamdulillah dy tak tahan hik3..(dy act tahan tp tak saman :) )

So what i said at last, chungmal mianhae oppa, unni... :D

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Should be new year, new face, new layout, but...

Yaaa, it is Jan the six already...
Poor my blog, it was abandoned for quite a few months already. This is bad. If this is not too late, i love to wish a very warm new year for all of the readers. how was the celebration?
I thought i can have a new year celebration this year 2010 but yet, i slept at 11p.m, thus....

I heard the story of the celebration at downtown of Nashville. Guitar falling down from the sky? I hope others that act put effort to watch them really have a great and pleasant time back then. As for me? sleeping was more enjoying. ha ha ha :|

Hurm what happened during this break? It's been 2 weeks already and this is the last week. Start class soon on Wednesday, Jan 13 2010. Chungmal, this is quite depressing but kind of amusing to start to see more people around the campus. I was working during the break with the dean of the Engineering sch. Was it sound interesting? but really, it was just entering directory, nothing much to learn from that. But i get to know many different, weird i guess, and antique last name from many different states in US. not very bad huh?

How come secara tiba2 start writing blog balik? Hurm.. got no ans for that so far. Might be to practice typing agar lebih maju, or saje bosan? to kill time? ( this is not come i kill my time to sleep kan???) :P

So wish for the new year? it is really not a big deal right? it just the addition of the yr, from 2009 to 2010. but what special is not it is 10, so it makes it likes 0 at last, so like a new beginning? ah i don't understand it myself. new theory but not acceptable even by the creator ? ha ha ha again.
I wish the becoming days will be full of warm and bless even it is -10 outside ( but still no snow T_T) ,chungmal. But the matter is, a new semester will be there again. a busy 4 months studying, struggling, love affair (not happened yet in 12 years of studying yet, mybe this yr? haha gatal), and many more. Hope i will improve this semester. Studying is hard. Life is hard. Making decision is hard. Even makan pun is hard. Tak caye take bio and u know how hard it is.
That's it for now. Epi New year.

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