Chungmal, I have a lot to say..

Chungmallll, i really have a lot to say.. about me myself, my surrounding, what happened around me, about the story i watched during the can-be-call-long-winter-break, even it was just 3 weeks. Hurm so i just want to spend the last one week of the holidays to update the blog and muntahkan everything here? how was that? and then tak yah update dah until the next long break again? hi hi hi :|

So nak write sumthing yg happen the latest la. ha ha ha. this is seems very funny indeed. Ok. The 5 of us, including 2 freshie, firdaus and daniel? think dat's right, person sit next to me or the-only-person-in-the-van-who-know-how-to-drive-well i guess, KA, and also there are Wany, a person who loves to read and Mira, my soon-to-be-a-top-singer?? and a current-most-fanatic-korean-boy-band-fan? i guess and also her position as 1 of my suit mates. That's quite a long introduction to the main character huh? he3. So what's up?

Nothing much. Just went to Walmart, KNS-an international market, and also to a kedai that sold the chicken yg halal nyer, n dah tak ingt the name of the market. But that all not the main point. At the very end of our shopping trip, (after sending the freshie and also wany) my perut was like amat berbunyi kuat of course becoz of the hunger. and it pretty cold outside but still, no snow. (omo, i can't really relate coldness and the lapar kan? whateva...

So KA ckp nak ajar driving, at first i was really reluctant to learn, of course bcoz it was secara haram since i don't hv my permit yet..(like pendatang tanpa izin right?..too bad, i took the test before but fail without belas kasihan. hahaa what the..??) So at the very end sbb KA yg pujuk, and Mira too pujuk2 sampai nak nangis2 kan (hehe over lak..), i pon accept the proposal and triplet of us pon went to the parking lot nearby the rec center. I am pretty sure i saw that place before, (this is the proof i went to rec quite often to maintain my kurusness mybe? ha ha ha..

So like Mira is also the learner from the Siiiiifud, (KA) so she drive first. I don't know where was the mistake, after i put my life in danger and sit at the driver seat, omo.. O_O there were 3 police cars surrounding me and they took their gun and shout, Yaaaa!!! stop right there.. haha dat's not the case..

I actually had drive for a few miles i guess inside the area of the parking lot. On the ground of my driving was suck ( i act gelabah gila when we were at the corner and they keep telling my way of stopping the car was worst-- sudden brake? like brek mengejut.. and also tekan minyak mengejut jugak.. ) KA took the driver place to show off some of his hard-earned-experience of driving.. and it was ok. i especially admire people with great skill of driving ( i mean org yg bawak laju2 and still the passengers still feel like the car is not moving, and also a little secret, i like to pusing the stereng.. hik3. look very awesome maa. act slalu kan in drama what-so-ever kalau want to show off the driving skill often shows how the actor act handle the stereng right?? waa so handsome even a girll~~ngaa gay nyee. hik3 peace!...

So after KA drive2 and teach some rule, i need to break slowly, also tekan minyak too, the thing is when KA brek mengejut i don't think it is considered brek mengejut coz cam tak ajeee :(
i don't know plak driving need to be that ayu. like wearing baju kurung and i need to walk politely, it gave me goosebumps (ape bajet tak ayuu niiii haha).. uhuk3.. So like drive aje laa. but then..

Suddenly gila, ade lampu kelip2 at the back. ah sudah. POLICE CAR maa. ok i was like cacing yg tgh sun bathing. At the very moment i act really hope i can change my seat with KA, let him seat there at the driver place and i can seat peacefully kat sebelah dy. but then cannot laa, since kat depan also ade one more kereta police. ok. naseb bek tak amat gelabah. then there was one of the police get out from the car, i want to get out from the car too, but KA insist i just need to open the window...

waaa, such a valuable? experience huh. but guys remember, the next time you guys kena tahan dek polis in America, don't step out from ur car. Just sit still and take a deep breath in.. and answer what he or she might ask. KA said it give them (the police) the feeling of insecurity if we act. get out from the car.

Thanks god nothing bad happen. After having a 3 minutes coffee break with the police, we are, no! i mean, i.. am not guilty...(thanks the police coz she act. did not ask about the permit hik3) but act guilty gak la takde permit tp belaja drive.. tapi alhamdulillah dy tak tahan hik3..(dy act tahan tp tak saman :) )

So what i said at last, chungmal mianhae oppa, unni... :D

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