Yaaa! It is actually snowing outside~~

Alhamdulillah laa.. I thought i neva see snow again, but how can it be possible.. If i really put effort to think about last year winter, it was really during January.. hurm cool. i love snoww~~ lalalala. here some pic. Njoy..

it really nipis right?? hahaha..

haha. how come not my pic? omo! the two of them cannot really take a good pic act ( mira, amy jgn mare heh~ <3).. ye la. mane nak take a good pic kalo ur hand keep shivering like suck! hahaha. at least i manage to maintain my kekerasan n tangkap this pic right. ok where is this? after balik rec center. cool huh? :P

yay my peberet one!
all my suit mates act turun padang utk same2 merayakan snow yg sikit aje nih~ act sian kt my babe, sarah in the middle coz she a lil bit sick at that time. *cough3* for real. atlanta too tired huh??
but she had a great time there. lalalala~~

hope for more snowy snow for the next couple of days before the semester begin...

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