Should be new year, new face, new layout, but...

Yaaa, it is Jan the six already...
Poor my blog, it was abandoned for quite a few months already. This is bad. If this is not too late, i love to wish a very warm new year for all of the readers. how was the celebration?
I thought i can have a new year celebration this year 2010 but yet, i slept at 11p.m, thus....

I heard the story of the celebration at downtown of Nashville. Guitar falling down from the sky? I hope others that act put effort to watch them really have a great and pleasant time back then. As for me? sleeping was more enjoying. ha ha ha :|

Hurm what happened during this break? It's been 2 weeks already and this is the last week. Start class soon on Wednesday, Jan 13 2010. Chungmal, this is quite depressing but kind of amusing to start to see more people around the campus. I was working during the break with the dean of the Engineering sch. Was it sound interesting? but really, it was just entering directory, nothing much to learn from that. But i get to know many different, weird i guess, and antique last name from many different states in US. not very bad huh?

How come secara tiba2 start writing blog balik? Hurm.. got no ans for that so far. Might be to practice typing agar lebih maju, or saje bosan? to kill time? ( this is not come i kill my time to sleep kan???) :P

So wish for the new year? it is really not a big deal right? it just the addition of the yr, from 2009 to 2010. but what special is not it is 10, so it makes it likes 0 at last, so like a new beginning? ah i don't understand it myself. new theory but not acceptable even by the creator ? ha ha ha again.
I wish the becoming days will be full of warm and bless even it is -10 outside ( but still no snow T_T) ,chungmal. But the matter is, a new semester will be there again. a busy 4 months studying, struggling, love affair (not happened yet in 12 years of studying yet, mybe this yr? haha gatal), and many more. Hope i will improve this semester. Studying is hard. Life is hard. Making decision is hard. Even makan pun is hard. Tak caye take bio and u know how hard it is.
That's it for now. Epi New year.

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