Bila sudah ade periuk best~

Hohohohoho.. it's been in a while since i have so much fun cooking~ kyaaa~~

this all thanks to my suite mate, sarah.. bcoz of her periuk electric yg best, today i cooked something delicious again. hihihihi

so what is it today?? simple as the name -- bubur nasik --
hahaha. ok jom masak same? it was really easy. almaklumla org bujang~ hihi.

so let's start. the ingredients are...

beras, dry anchovies, and also carrot. (act bole aje bubuh other ingredient such as cabbage, egg, mushroom, ape2 pon boleh..)
so inilah rupenyer periuk yg berjasa..
cool huh? lol

act tak yah bubuh minyak pon ok aje.. cme, i act tak ske the periuk melekat2 when masak nnti. (tiah really tak bubuh minyak when she cook! cholesterol maa~
so panaskan minyak..lalalala
so masukkan lah ikan bilis.

so cook the anchovies thoroughly.. n, bcoz i cook inside my room instead of the kitchen, so the paper act to protect the carpet lorh.. :)
after that, add rice that has been rinsed 3 times. thanks Mira (for supplying the rice and also rinse it ^_^

kacau sesedap oren..

when u rase the nasik and the ikan bilis da sebati, add water.. then stir again~ and again~

haaa.. add the water banyak2. sbb i use byk beras td, so water need to be byk too laa kan? coz we are making the porridge ^_^

and then bia lame2. about 30 minutes will do.. so this time i went downstairs to actually put my laundry in the dryer.. hihihi...
and what the yellow orange things? haa~ the carrot la. bubuh those additional things afterward tau.. tgu the rice dah act "pecah" bak kate tiah. hahaha.. >.<
kalo takde mende ni tak sedap ah~ hahaha..

ok act. i put this thing last. suppose mmg last la. tp dah masak baru teringat kena bubuh dy.. soriiiii.. :D

dah shiappp~~ itadekimasu...

so result nye,
mira -- 3 kali tambah..
amy -- 3 kali gak..
aishah -- 1 kali? hahahaha..

ok ape kate try lg next time? easy right.. :P

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3 buah fikiran:

Anonymous said...

opss 1 kali? lupe nk tmbah 0 kat blakang kn? heehhe

Aishah Esa said...

yah! chigulle

Bear said...

haihh ptutlaaa

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