Spring Semester is here

Assalamualaikum and Hyee to evrybody..

So, spring is here heh?? Aaa it is just 5 months to go before i can actually go back to Malaysia for a month for summer vacation..

haha. lame lagi kot. So this semester i am taking 16 credit hours. And here is the snapshot of my schedule.

Hurm, tough subject.
Let's ganbatei! everybody.. Actually it has been 2 weeks since the semester start. And everyone is quite busy. And, i haven't start my ChBe 180 homework yet! I guess i will do it later this evening. Haha silly me.

Nothing much to share, just a few i think a few 'cute' pictures of me, amy and our American friends, Catherine when she actually stop by my room during Friday night. (Suddenly a song by Lily Allen -- Friday night pop out from my mind. Cute song indeed!...)

I guess i share the song first. heheheheh.

Owhhhhhhh, i thought a vid will pop out, how come? ah i am not really good huh? Klik aje la kt ctu if you guys wanna know this song, but this is really not the main point right?

Where are the pictures?? Okay there are here. Enjoy~

She keeps saying that her face look really oily, but that is not really the case, i think it is because of the light. hehehe. 
 I am always the shortest one, doesn't i? but it is okay. Someone say the shorter the cuter (act. i am who said that. hihihi :P)

Haaa! I forget the main point. She is actually trying my baju kurung.. and actually excited about it. I should find my korean friend picture when she came and trying my baju kebaya.. But i guess it is not there, the picture.. Maybe i try to find it..

So here is my roommate Amy, with Catherine.
Haa i really need to find other pic. I try..

YEeeeeaaaaahhh i found them, they actually inside my  hard drive. Fiuhh.

haha atlast i found them, i already upload them in facebook. Luckily.. hehehe
so here they are.

she actually put on the scarf too. hehe. ok she is pretty in my Kebaya. I admit that. But guess what? i Still FIT IN my baju kebaya ok? hehehe.

here is one more.

haha . i really should have more picture in my blog huh? it is pretty dull. Ok got to go. I want to update my other blog, Let's share a world. Take a look at it ok?

Sayonara~ Xiai jian~ Bubyee..

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4 buah fikiran:

Anonymous said...

advance gile. haha btw yg dkat about me tuh, ak rse mu nk tlis to think, tpi mu tlis "to thing" instead of "to think".

Aishah Esa said...

amy kan? lol. ak rase ak tulis to think? haha.. keling.

HaNi! said...

n also correction : tough subject in stead of though subject. XD

Aishah Esa said...

owh thankss honey

I ♥♥ U

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