ta ke.

Ah shimattak.

I just realized that i was really bad with talking. I think i'll try to stop talking too much. geezz. i don't remember since when i am this talkative. bcoz of this i hurt others and also... it hurt me.. i don't know how much it hurt people just with talking, but now i realize when i was hurt by just by talking.. it hurt a lot. chungmall, honto ni. it hurt. a lot. gomennasai.
rase cam hati kena tikam byk2 kali, n bleeding n takleh berenti.. even those 3 words. gomen neh. pliz la tolong jgn byk ckp, tp byk pikir. please eyh.
but i guess it is hard. after all it WAS hard!

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2 buah fikiran:

[Dr Nu@r] said...

even those 3 words.

i love you??sweet -.-''

tulah, len kali jgn ckp calm okay?


Aishah Esa said...

bongek bukan those 3 words la. adoi ya

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