Walking through life, we will face many choices.
No matter what is it. Kawen? Study? Shopping? everything.
And why is that again? Coz we are not alone in this world. Coz there are a whole lot of things in this world. No matter what day are we in, what month and what year..
In our beautiful past, in the becoming future, or this wonderful present..
But, is that true that only one will lead to victory? Only one can make you and me smile?

Remember one poem back in high school that taught about choosing road? One road seems have many people passed by, but the other one not. If we choose one, can we just ignore the other? Or do we still wanna know about the other one? But we can't really turn back time as we wish we could, coz doremon is not here in a real world. and of course nobita and sizuka and giant and bla bla bla.. also not here.

Dunnooo. i only hope that my choice will lead to happiness. And ur choice too.
Allah help us all. Guide all well. Ameen.

aww cacat gile mood.

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2 buah fikiran:

[Dr Nu@r] said...

good entry ;)


Aishah Esa said...

haha. no la. rase cam cacat! aje

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