Thanksgiving break.. sayonara~


Huaaa, today is Saturday, tomorrow will be Sunday, and then it's Monday where all student need to go to school. Hah, i wish i can make use of my a-week-day-off thanksgiving break wisely, but i couldn't. haaih, really. I don't know what to do to myself. Malas cam ayam!

On the last day of class, during my chinese lesson, my laoshi (teacher) asked everyone about their plan on the thanksgiving break. Someone answer, "wo yao chi huoji" (hou means fire, and ji means chicken- but huoji means turkey! that's so funny!), so the meaning is "saya nak makan turkey!"
and then when  it came to my turn, without ANY hesitation, i answered

     "wo xiang shui hen duo jiao,ye xiang zhunbei zhong wen kao shi"
     (i am thinking of sleeping a lot, also prepare for chinese test)

and then laoshi  said, what a nice student...( i thinks it for the study part, takkan nice student sleep a lot kot kan?
but then what actually happened? Tdo memang amat byk, study ? hurm, bad2..

A week of thanksgiving break was really relaxing. Doing nothing except sleep and eat. Sound so "sakit" kan. Pretty much like that la. Sat in front of laptop for hours, became a real nenek kebayan (siang mengantuk malam berjaga, tp tak cari cucu dimana ada  la, and hopefully dpt kawen dgn anak raja too. hee:P)

Last Thursday my batch held this so-called-barbecue. just for fun, i guess. It was fun though. We baked turkey, oh not we actually, i guess Asyraq did that, and also got chicken drumsticks and hot dogs for the barbecue. Oh also, my rum8 and Amri and the gang did the bihun2 goreng things.
Kenyang la. :D
Fun! dpt bakar2 ayam.
And also, free perfume for the day. wangi gile bau baju bile balik barbecue. hoho.

and then the day after day, which was yesterday, is the black Friday. Soping. oh my god jgn ditnye bpe abes. kuang aja punye nafsu. yare2. oh Black friday is somehow like the closing or the climax la kot for the thanksgiving. Sales! 40%- 70% off.

Oh and also, got to eat Laksa Johor for the first time. Thanks rum8. Luv yah muah22. heehee.
It taste different from "normal laksa". But umaiiii. tedappp.. hehehe. But, i still mish my mommy nyer laksa, terbaik!

So conclusionnye, two things that were planned were not done.
1. Study and do homeworks
2. Ambik lesen keta

perasaan sekarang ?
1. penat
2. cacat

haih2. so today and tomorrow, please finish ur works budak.

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6 buah fikiran:

[Dr Nu@r] said...

sape rum8 sekarang? owh, boleh masak ea kat sana??


Aishah Esa said...

rum8 baru, kalau kasi nama kenal ke? ke nak berkenalan ? hihi
boleh2. ktorg stay apartment, so ade dapur :D

immukmin said...

hahahaa....amek lesen kete...hohohoh..terbaik r....ecah..hak3!!

Aishah Esa said...

tak terbaik pon! sbb tak pergi2 amek lesen lg. sbb tak belaja bawak kereta lg, sbb takot.

[Dr Nu@r] said...

owh, cube la bagi nama. mana taw kenal. hak2. eh, tp ari tu amy ckp byk makan kat luar je.


Aishah Esa said...

yep, name dy sharifah syazwani husna binta syed salim. Oh? LOL. amy dok single la. dy takde kitchen.

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