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Okay, it's been in a while since i scratch something here. I was thinking about updating my "piece of life" during the late winter break, but i was mesmerized with the overload cuteness of One Piece. My bad. Hahaha..
If you guys don't believe me how CUTE this anime of a bunch of dork pirates, i'll put some of the funny clips from this anime later in this entry.

Okay let's talk about winter break. Erm, nothing much to say, my roommate was out of town during the break, for a road trip to Cali for 10 days. Good for her. Me? I was watching One Piece throughout the entire course of the break. Uwaa, i must have gained a whole lot of experience in handling difficult situation such as fighting with a sea monster, reading a map, understand the relationship between the wind and the direction when navigating a boat, how to use sword, how to cook delicious food, and also how to make a reindeer with a blue nose able to speak and walk like a normal human.

Fiuh~ quite a lot i learn. I wonder just WHEN on earth i am actually able to apply all those NEW so called techniques. Haha. Silly me, anime is just anime, nothing gonna change that fact. The fact that you are not going to die even if you are shallowed by a shark or bitten by a giant python, nobody going to believe that, not in million years! I'll stop talking about the anime..

So what was exciting during the break? Erm i think only a few things.
1. Ice skating
2. Camping
3. Candle light dinner - Dinner with my korean friend Yeon- Sil. Having fun that day.
4. Snowman making
5. Turkey day - Luncheon. Just eat and talk a little bit, nothing amusing accept the turkey. keh33
6. Cooking

Ice Skating:
Can't remember when this took place.  But this is the first occasion that was "exciting" during my winter break, and it happened a week before my so-called-vacation ended. During that windy day, me, Amy si kurus, Tiah, Najiah, Lily, Pikah, Fadet went to a recreational place nearby the Centennial park. Ten plus minutes it took for us to walk from Towes 1 (dey all pnye apartment) and plus minus 30 minutes from mine. I live far away from Amy si kurus, and also Sarah si supergirl. hehe

I swear it was really EASY to sit and watch people skating. It gave u a feeling that, oh this is easy. A piece of cheese cake. Just stand and then more forward and then backward. Swing your foot to front and then u can skate. Thinking like that is my biggest mistake. I thought it easy! At the moment i put my foot with the ski shoes on in the ring, oh maiii, trust me it was so slippery that i can't even stand for a minute. I sticked myself to the side of the ring the whole time, and of course amy si kurus behind me all the time. wahaha...

look how NOT kurus i am? i blocked Amy si kurus that standing behind me until she is no longer visible by naked eyes. aa dui bu qi (i'm sorry in mandarin) Amy si kurus.. hik3
Okay let's look at what happened to us after we finish one lap,

No matter how u look at this picture, it is obvious that both of us, or maybe only me, happy like crazy. Oh the hell is over. haha..

Okay here some pictures of the crew.. enjoy..

front from left: Amy si kurus, echa, lily
back from left: Fadhilah, Tiah, Sarah si supergirl, and last but not least, Pikah..

This was a beginning. After 2 weeks of one piece, i realized that my holiday is soon to bid farewell. Time vanishes like an arrow. That day at the same time, the camping start. Hahaha. The crew is Amy si kurus and Sarah si supergirl. The venue was at my place of course, because my room is an apartment for two, got kitchen and bathroom inside compared to sarah's and amy's room, got nothing except the big mirror. kah22.
We have dinner at Satay the day we went to ice skating. After rest a few hours at amy si kurus's house (watching cuti cuti cinta- kinda lame, but i guess it's funny and okay to watch), we went to my house for a indoor camping. HAHA

okay sambung next entry. Ponat cek nak scroll nek atas turun bawah nk masuk gmba. japs, a funny clip from one piece, here we go...

Kawaiiiiiiii~ i love this one the most. oh one more, this is funny too, keh33..

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3 buah fikiran:

Anonymous said...

haha part yg amy kurus tu aku suke. fine ak bgun blik semata2 nk comment new entry ni.

[Dr Nu@r] said...

amy si kurus? haha. nape x jalan2 je aishah? ikut roomate. huu.


Unknown said...

amy mmg la si kurus ?
erm enggak ada uwang la mat. mane nak jalan nye

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