Hey What a start!

Okay today is the first day of the class. Two chemE subjects and two chem subjects, oh and also chinese as the language. How dat sound to you? NICE kan!
Hah penat~ luckily chinese class was AWESOME! love it! Small class of 6. <3

How come taking two chem subjects? OK not doing well during summer, sh*t kan ? huhu. Hope it treat me well this sem, please2x. LOL

So far, erm okay la kan, fes day of class, no hW and such2. love it.
that's it for now la, gud luck every body! Love ur life.


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4 buah fikiran:

Anonymous said...

wo ai ni bnde yg mmule blaja kan?

Aishah Esa said...

of coz la benda tu tak blaja pon tau kot ?

ni hao~ then wo jiao aishah

Anonymous said...

da ajk da. haha hruf j terpkse djunekjn. jedikkk

[Dr Nu@r] said...

huuu..cepatnye start kelas..padan la laen cuti lg..hik3


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