HAve YoU eVer Heard A stOry about A boY wHo..???

HAve you ever heard???
a story..
about a boy..
who cannot reveal his true feeling...

he was so poor...
he loves his father..
but he cannot tell him..
he always hurt his father's feeling
but deep inside,,
he really loves him
as much as the ocean.
as high as the Twin towes KLCc..
as strong as the mountain..
but at last,..
his father don't trust him

he was so poor..
he loves his mother..
very deep
as deep as the ocean..
as far as the eyes can see over a sea..
but still
he not listen to his mother advices
he just do nothing to help her..
until his mother..
don't want to speak to him anymore..
like always..

he was so poor..
he loves his friends..
but always talk harsh to them..
all over his day..
no one
no one
want to be friend with him anymore..

until one day
a girl comes
she know him..
very well..
very very well..
she told him a story..
of her life,..
have no one..
haD died..
in an accident..
she used to tell them..
she loves them..
really love
but now??
how can she tell that...
how come TO talk to a grave?

he start to think..
he should be grateful..
for having every one..
beside him..
every day
every second
he afraid he might face the same thing..
as the girl..
he promise to himself..
he will make them happy..
every second they together..
and from that day onwards..
he change..
a lot.
a lot more than you think.
only because of that girl..

he promises himself to make that girl
happy beside him forever..
but cannot..
mane bole, minah tu dah kawen..
anak berderet dah le kot..
minah tu org upahan mak dy kot, bg insaf sikit.
ntah pape ending.

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1 buah fikiran:

Aishah Esa said...

macam bayak grammatical error ajer..hurrm, naseb ler..

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